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Breathing Corpses, by Laura Wade

Directed by Steve Thurley.

Breathing Corpses is a modern masterpiece, described by top critics as an ‘intriguing, slippery thriller’ and ‘a perfect theatrical circle’. Though, as the title suggests, there is death around, the play is actually about the art of living. Brilliantly scripted and crafted, it is a dark, occasionally gruesome piece, running off three storylines where each of the characters of Jim, Amy and Kate both find, and then become, victims. There are several odd incidences that make this play different. The dislocated and non-linear structure emphasizes the inability of the characters to communicate, with the full story of shared coincidence only emerging fully in the final scene. Rough-hewn, basic and brutal, it is an enthralling piece of theatre. The strong language woven within it is neither gratuitous nor avoidable – the make-up of modern life. However, it is not all doom and gloom – the writer has an irreverent, comic touch, sometimes in the most unsuitable of places! The author writes ‘Once you’ve lifted the lid and looked inside the box, what you’ve seen stays with you. You can’t un-see what you have witnessed’.

How can you resist that?

Performance at Oriel High School in Crawley  on Friday 24th April 2015.

TICKETS AVAILABLE BY RINGING ANDY ON 07790012874 OR andybairsto@gmail.com

CAST Amy  Jim Elaine Ray Kate Ben Charlie Maxime Dudeney Andy Bairsto Tracy Glover Max Hilbourne Hannah Gardner Phil Gardner Andy Chalk